Monday, June 28, 2010

blog002 The New Me, The New You

23 December 2009

Since my last blog on Tuesday, 15 September 2009, a lot has happened to me. To you too, I imagine?

One thing is that I had a 2-day coaching with 4 top financial consultants in Hamburg.

It radically clarified my purpose and reinvented my self-image.

It caused me to re-rename this blog, move all my previous blogs here, shut down the previous blog site and start rewriting the Just Stop / Arkbuilder website to match its new name

I highly recommend such a coaching process. The 4 men did fantastic with me, and I am no easy fish.

To ask about it for yourself write to one of these guys:
Axel Stiehler
Tino Seebach
Rafael Knuth
Johannes Sass

Here is what I am: I am a bridge.

I am a bridge for people to get to sustainable culture.

Given the failure of the Copenhagen talks to create a fair, ambitious and binding international treaty to decrease greenhouse gases to below 350 parts per million (Why does 350 matter? Visit to learn about Bill McKibben's fabulous global team building work), we are left with making this global shift ourselves, or suffering the dire consequences. I don't think creating a bright future for the well-being of humanity was ever on the COP15 agenda anyway...

This inspired me to write SPARK #114 (Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge) . The distinction in that SPARK is: Politicians are not your leaders. It was sent out today. If you did not receive one just write to Sonia Willaredt ( and she will get it to you.

Welcome to the new me.
Interesting times ahead.
Who is the new you?

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