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blog001 Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings

15 September 2009

I consider whoever reads this blog (meaning you) to be a facilitator of the shift to next culture – or you would not be reading it. As a facilitator of the shift to next culture you are a friend of mine. Whether social entrepreneur or employed by the corporate government, we all start where we are.

Reading is a proven way to weave understanding for holding more consciousness. Each new distinction that you understand widens the territory in which you can think for yourself. This blog only works for me if it contributes to your self-empowered thinking.

Distinctions create clarity. New clarity adds to what is thinkable. By adding to what it thinkable you expand the next culture movement.

I just returned from two weeks at El Cabrito on La Gomera a semi-tropical paradise in the Canary Islands off the north-west coast of Africa. It was paradise in a greater sense than just mango heaven, which it also indisputably was …

…it was paradise in the sense that Marion and I invited anyone who had been to Expand The Box training plus at least one Possibility Lab to come along with us to experiment in the context of next culture.

All told, six others came. After unpacking and taking a swim (where I saw octopus, cuttle fish, flounder and giant sea urchins) we wrote a flyer inviting other El Cabrito guests to investigate interesting life questions with us in a space we spontaneously named: The Dome. From the second day on about eight of us met every evening from 8:00 to 10:00 pm, often with additional morning and/or afternoon sessions.

We had improv theater, global and organizational constellations, resentment clearing in relationship, saying goodbye to people who died before you had a chance to say goodbye to them, getting balls back from childhood abusers, separating mixed fear and sadness feelings, sighting two moons of Jupiter through a telescope, and a wild dancing night. We also designed strategies for the next culture movement. The plan is to bring as many people as possible as quickly as we can into next culture. I think it will work.

On the morning just before we departed Munich for La Gomera, Marion emailed the final German draft corrections for my next book: Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings to Tilman Neubronner of Genius Verlag who published the book in Germany as Die Kraft des bewussten Fühlens. Delivering the finalized manuscript was the climax of a tidal-wave of work. If you can’t read German and can’t wait til spring I recommend Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, also available online through It explains what archearchy is.

Directing The Power of Conscious Feelings: Living Your Own TruthCompleting Directing The Power of Conscious Feelings does not mean I’ve stopped writing. I’m a writer. Writers write as relentlessly as sharks swim and bats fly. Actually I was in the middle of writing another book when the inspiration came for DPCF. Now I can get back to writing Next Culture. It needs to come out soon, so I am hoping this open blog dialog with you will speed up the process. I look forward to your ideas, experiences, and further questions.

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