Wednesday, December 21, 2011

blog016 Making A New Agreement

Peter and Roswita firewalking
The quality of the space that is held determines what is possible in that space. (For example, walking barefoot across burning coals without burning your feet only occurs in a space held by a firewalking trainer. Outside that space your feet would become fried bacon.)

As a trainer for Next Culture Research & Training Center I have seen miracles beyond belief. In Expand The Box, Possibility Labs and Trainer Labs people regularly make life changes that put them on completely new sets of train tracks in their life. They suddenly get an entirely new future.

As their future unfolds, the confusions, delusions, and contusions central to their previous experience fade away mirage-like while life circumstances rapidly conform to their new shape . As incredible as this is to observe in others, it's even more astonishing to experience in one's own life.

I know this because it keeps happening to me.

I figured out that Possibility Trainers live in ongoing transformation because they are integrated into their training spaces - constantly at risk of rapid learning. P-Trainers cannot be lifted onto a pedestal and esteemed from afar. Instead they are in the dirty ditches and stinking gutters of personal development work, navigating all worlds, and learning to deliver whatever is needed and wanted for the participants to unfold their incredible potential. These processes cannot help but also change the trainer's life.

For example, my processes bring me into finer alignment with my core purpose. The way I would say it now is:  I am here to use memetic engineering to upgrade the morphogenetic field of the human race through the radically responsible thoughtware of Possibility Management.

How can this occur?

Actually it has already occured, although ripples from the stone-tossing have yet to hit the shore in most places.
Possibility Lab
Early in 2011a group of men at a Men's Lab, and also a group of Possibility Trainers agreed that next culture already exists. They have become that stand, both individually and as a group. The decision has already been made. It's not some future wish, not a fantasy world.

Each man and woman who made this new agreement now holds that space where ever they are as a bond. When they are not together at the same place the bond spreads over the Earth and becomes a network. The network of critical connections creates a system of infuence, a morphogenetic field.

Let it be known this has already been decided. If you wish, you can also decide: "Next culture already exists. The game is on."

A morphogenetic field is the shape-making field establishing the thoughtforms, words and deeds of a human culture. A morphogenetic field is created through agreement, through critical connections between communities of practice.

The morphogenetic field that has so far shaped the bulk of humanity is: I am my body. I am my mind. I am separate. In order to survive I must fight to win as much as I can regardless of what others lose. This is very old thoughtware.

The morphogenetic field of next culture is: I am the Earth right now having the experience of "fill in your name". We are all one. I already survived as a child and now life as an adult is a winning happening game.
It is not our planet.
Engaging winning happening requires shifting from adolescence to adulthood, including learning a different form of speaking and communication. The language of winning happening includes four skills researched by John Croft (the subject of a future blog).

I want to offer you a challenge:

Transformational wonders of clarity and possibility occur in trainings because of the space of the training. The training space is held by the Trainer. If you are a Trainer and can create and navigate possibility training spaces, how many people can you hold that space for? Fifteen? Fifty? Five hundred? Will you practice with me to ongoingly generate and hold that space for the entire planet Earth starting now? This would be a decision. You decide it. I already decided. If you decide too then it becomes an agreement between us. Will you keep developing your space-holding intention muscles so that holding possibility-space for the Earth becomes second nature to you?

Let me know how it goes...

... and, thanks.

PS: Please watch this video (3:47):
Midway Journey coming 2012

There is an island, so far away from civilization that it deserves respite from ruin, yet life on this island and the surrounding ocean is being annihilated so certainly by modern culture's ignorance and greed that it can no longer be denied. Watch Chris Jordan's film in 2012 and let your sensibility change your awareness - and your life.