Wednesday, July 31, 2013

blog026 Doing Epic Shit

At the Next Culture Research & Training Center it becomes more and more undeniable that human beings are designed to Do Epic Shit... "shit" being a technical term, in this case meaning: to intentionally do things in one paradigm in the presence of people functioning in an entirely different paradigm, e.g. Occupy World Street

Doing Epic Shit automatically emerges as a side effect of undergoing authentic adulthood initiations, which, by the way, are not available within modern culture. 

Meaning you will need to step just beyond the thoughtlimits of modern culture to get them for yourself. But also meaning there is an almost total lack of initiated adults at work in modern culture political, corporate, military and church hierarchies. 

It turns out that being a bridge and creating possibilities for people make the step-wise shifts over to using next-culture thoughtware often involves doing epic shit.

As an example of the simplicity of Doing Epic Shit, the Gaian Road Team made two interviews, which were not in our plans two days before - they came from unexpected referrals: with Mikki Willis, CEO from film studios, and with Queen Ra, a village weaver visiting from Jamaica ( 

The interviews are for our documentary film: The Emergence of Next Culture, being made while the Gaian Road Team is having High Level Fun Doing Epic Shit. 

You can Do Epic Shit too when place doing what you came here at the center of your life instead of simply trying to survive as a slave in the American economic gameworld. 

There are plenty of other interesting things for you to do besides waking up each morning in fear of not having enough money to live.

But doing those other things requires that you first shift to the context of Archearchy (next culture) where Doing Epic Shit is an every day matter...

...simultaneously guaranteeing that you have plenty of interesting stories to tell while sitting together around the indoor or outdoor living-room during check-in.


PS: Harbigarrr! is the only word in the English language with three rrr's in a row.  Harbigarrr! means, "Ahoy! I be a Pirate! And if you be a Pirate too, then you knows of what I speak! So be it!"