Saturday, January 4, 2014

blog029 Design Your Own Culture and Move In

Design factors for continued human presence on Earth (a draft):

Human cultures have evolved from:
  1. matriarchal (baby cultures, not yet able to take responsibility, Earth is a gigantic amorphous salad bar open 24/7/365 and Mom takes care of things),
  2. to patriarchal (adolescent cultures, trains humans to avoid responsibility, linear, technical, hierarchical power structures, slavery, ownership of land and "resources," weaponry, conquest, empire, "we live on the Earth," "the Earth and its resources are ours to pillage," father knows best, building civilization for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful),
  3. to archearchal (adult cultures, trains humans in taking radical responsibility, "Earth is not our planet," "we cannot own the Earth, the Earth owns us," "we are the Earth," creative collaboration between the initiated archetypal adult woman and the initiated archetypal adult man, circular power structures, livingry, building matrix for the evolution of consciousness).
For your information, archearchy is not theoretical. Archearchal cultures are already alive and well thriving on Earth. You could visit one today. Or you could design and move into your own.

Modern culture is patriarchy, more specifically, capitalistic patriarchal empire. Modern culture governments are owned and run by multinational corporations, dedicated to creating ever more corporate profits regardless of social and ecological costs. The model for civilization as defined by large governments and corporations has come to its end. It is not falling apart so much as we are taking it apart to escape it, like a child must escape her parents' home to grow up, like a butterfly must escape its chrysalis to fly.

Next culture is archearchy. Archearchal cultures have a number of common characteristics, such as:
  • Three people with a common purpose and a common context can start a new country (culture) by becoming an energetic configuration of commitment.
  • The basic characteristic for being a country is resilience based on local sustainable authority, local sustainable production of food, local sustainable energy supply, etc.
  • There is always more room for a new country in the global ethnosphere. In the catalog of Earth countries the characteristics and specialties (music, foods, festivals, handcrafts, meeting technologies, clothing, architecture, social customs, initiations offered, healing practices, etc.) of each country are specified. Each person as part of their ongoing initiation into adulthood chooses the culture/culture they want to live in. One initiation (the initiation of cultural relativity) is walkabout which includes visiting 30 different countries during 5 years between the ages of 15 and 23.
  • The concept that a country (culture) must be associated with a specific piece of land (From which entity does a country purchase this land? Earth? How does Earth receive payment?) is merely a concept that is easy to understand. But just because a concept can be understood does not mean it has any relationship to reality.
  • Thinking that funding from outside, meaning from other countries, has value for a country is an illusion; worse, is it delusion; worse, it is globalization happening again, meaning one country becoming the slave of another country.
  • No slavery (in other words, no employees).
  • No private or corporate ownership of Earth (neither land nor "natural resources").
  • No hierarchical power structures. Hierarchical power structures arise from unconscious fears and are designed for control, domination, and power over others. Using hierarchical power structures is a design error. In a hierarchical power structure the people who do whatever it takes to climb the power structure get the top positions. People who will do "whatever it takes" to climb a power structure have no conscience (meaning they lack the connections between heart and energetic-body and mind). In other words, a hierarchical power structure automatically selects for psychopaths and sociopaths. Instead, circular power structures with rotating spaceholders are used such as in holocracy and the Phoenix Process.
  • No exchange rate between a country's own currency and any other currency. Most often a country's currency is creative collaboration.
  • No absentee ownership. No franchises.
  • No beliefs. Beliefs have no relationship to reality. Anybody can believe anything about anything. If beliefs are regarded as having legitimacy, then one country might believe eating hotdogs is sacred and wasting hotdogs is heresy punishable by death, while the next country might believe preserving hotdogs is sacred and eating hotdogs is heresy punishable by death. If these countries do not understand that Belief Systems are B.S. then they will be incessantly at war with each other, and worse than that, they will be susceptible to takeover by a more tantalizing Belief System (like the Mayans of Ecuador were taken over by sunglasses and bluejeans).
  • No war. Each country limits their population with another means than war to match their food supply so that members have a high quality of life (enough locally grown food). War is low drama Gremlin feeding frenzy and only seems justified if you fail to distinguish between Box and Being.
  • No waste. No disposables. Cradle to cradle designs. No externalizing costs. No externalizing wastes. No subsidies.