Tuesday, July 31, 2012

blog023 Man, Who Are You?

Layers On Soul by Emelie Dupree
If your self-image is based on what you see when you look in the mirror, your woman is on the way to being very bored.

Sure, it makes sense to think of yourself as hair, skin, meat and bones, with clothes on, a solid, visible personality. After all, there you are in the mirror. You see that reflection with every wrinkle and pimple. The feedback is undeniable. Your own father probably imagined himself to be something very similar. He is your role model.

Think about it. Either you want to be like your father, or you want to be nothing like your father.

Either way makes him your role model!

You look at yourself in the mirror and you think, I am the bread winner. Or you think, I'm failing to be the breadwinner.

Disk of Nothing by Timo Wuerz
You think, I bring security, stability and protection, or I fail to bring security, stability or protection.

You think, I know the way, I have the answers, or you think, I don't know how it goes because nobody ever cared enough about me to show me.

You think, I am a strong reliable leader, or you think, I am weak and ineffective as a husband, father, leader, I am not reliable.

We ongoingly know ourselves to be successfully fulfilling our self image, or failing to live up to our self image. And that is exactly what makes us boring to women, because we insist on seeing ourselves as someone who must be knowable.

Possibility Lab
If we can be known, then we should know who we are, right? Do you know who you are?

If we can be known, then we must exhibit predictable behavior, hold steadfast opinions, maintain old decisions, not change our tastes. Herein lies the conflict. We imagine that we should identify ourselves as the content of our lives, and as soon as we identify ourselves as content we are killable.

For example, as soon as our woman has an opinion that is different from ours we think we are supposed to defend our position stronger than she defends hers or we are not men.

As soon as our child disagrees or argues with us we are forced to prove ourselves right or win by force, or else we are not the parent.

In neither case does the idea cross our mind to change the game.

By now most men have stopped reading this article. Yet this is exactly the point where it becomes interesting.

We stop reading because we have already paid full price to join the patriarchy. We have exchanged our souls for the illusion of safety and power defined by the hierarchy of godfathers. We cannot comprehend that we could regard ourselves as anything other than what we have always been: needy, greedy, sucking little boys, chasing after mommy for the goodies, trying to one-up each other for favors, being exactly what looks out at us from the mirror each morning, with emotional justifications to match.

If you are knowable then you can be projected upon. You are a target for expectations. Expectations kill intimacy. One unfulfilled expectation is enough to generate resentment. Then whenever you touch her you trigger her resentment. She doesn't feel you; she feels her resentment. It is a mess.

I am saying that you, as a man, can have a completely different quality of self image. There are many additional options to play with. Each format opens an entirely new world of relationship with your present, with your destiny, and with your woman.

What if who you are is not what you see in the mirror? What if that thing is only a vehicle or antenna for who you are?

For most of us this seems like an absolutely insane line of inquiry. What else could there possibly be than what we see in the mirror?

What else indeed!

Emerging by Sharan Ragan
Below is a list of alternative options to the question: What else could I be?

Regarding the options on the list below as concepts or as good ideas cements you into your mind, which makes you even more boring that being flesh and bones.

The proposals listed below are not concepts. They are invitations to experimental action.

Each experimental orientation starts with the word "I". But the experiment is not about "I". The experiment is about what is there instead of the "I". So forget the "I" part. The "I" just gets in the way.

Shifting from representing yourself as a knowable, visible, solid, stable man who brings home the bacon, to being one of the spaces listed below will involve going through some initiatory processes and developing some new abilities.

For example:

You need the ability to declare what is - which only comes after the ability to accept what is, because you first need to start where you are with an accurate assessment of current reality before you can shift the details into something else, otherwise you are merely another fool in a fantasy world.

You need the ability to go nonlinear and make right-angle turns at light speed - which only comes after seven to ten deep healing and growing-up processes to change your relationship to what happened to you in your childhood and some past lives (www.nextculturetrainings.org) so that you can lighten your load and drop energetic, conceptual and emotional baggage.

You cannot change what happened to you in the past because it happened in the past. But what happened is not what determines how you show up now. You show up now according to the tricks you figured out for surviving through what happened to you in the past. However, you already survived, but you have not gone through the initiation of recapitulation, so you still function reflexively in your survival strategy. You are trapped in what was once a very good plan.

Recapitulation is systemmatic neutral transformative introspection.

Recapitulation distinguishes your survival reaction triggers from what is actually happening to you right now so you get immediate new options for behavior.

Recapitulation springs you from an ancient prison that you long ago forgot you locked yourself into.

Recapitulation starts with new thoughtmaps of feelings so you can be painfully clear about what happened to you in the past without being a victim of it anymore. Then you can freely detect what meanings you gave to what happened back then, and decide if you want to keep or change those meanings in order to reclaim your power of present attention, your inalienable authority, your unique contributory talents, and your free spirit.

This takes efforts, of course. It requires re-prioritizing the energy that you may presently be using up trying to represent yourself as being a "sane" and "successful" "man," as if you knew what those things are...

Each experiment below invites you to center yourself in a non-knowable self-image. Choose one and use it for a full week (or the rest of your life) without ever shifting back to being something knowable: (Remember, forget the "I". )

I am a distinction-framework, establishing spaces of adventure.
I am a map inventing new territories to explore.
I am stage lights illuminating high-drama.
I am a space navigator for three worlds.
I am a context of radical responsibility.

I am a place of delightfulness, clarity, and transformation.
I am a nonlinear gameworld pirate.
I am a source of unending humor and possibility.
I am a gateway to evolution.
I am a space of mystery.
I am nothing - the kind of  nothing so big that everything fits into it.
Forget the "I".
I am not here to provide you with safety, predictability, peace, calm, and comfort.

I am not an emotional garbage can. I am not a doormat. I am not a good boy. 
I am an ongoing nasty question, noticing without attaching meaning, attentively here, in a very small now, without believing my own reactive stories and incomplete emotions from my past.
I am the space through which a unique set of bright principles can do their work in the world.
Starmaking by NASA JPL Caltech Artist R. Hurt

And you might be also...
If you connect the origin of your self-image to a new source, then your woman might have something a little more interesting to play with.
She's probably been waiting a long time for you to get this...

Friday, July 27, 2012

blog022 Bringing Creation To Life

I think the Goddess suffers because after giving birth to the multiverse she saw that it was dead. As magnificent as it is, creation has no self-awareness. It just is. It does not realize that it is.

I think most of us are the same. We are zombies. Look in someones eyes. Just keep looking into their eyes and watch what they do. What do they do? They look away. They look away to stay asleep.

We are the walking dead. Why else would we eat junk food from terrorist companies who murder ecosystems for the illusion of profit? We are numb. We are sleeping.

We hold beliefs and assumptions and interpretations and conclusions unconsciously. We react unconsciously thinking that because we feel incomplete-emotions re-triggered from our childhood that it means something - something important enough to start a war over.

If we repeatedly do things the way we've always done them, the way our parents did them, we think we are justified - or we feel justified by doing the opposite. (We are as well imprisoned by what we oppose - this is why the OCCUPY# movement provides its greatest value when people implement new systems that make the presiding systems plainly irrelevant - and clearly not as much fun.)

We do what we're told and assume that we are good. We do what everybody else does and assume that we are safe. We are unaware that we are choosing unconsciously because we never considered that we have another option.

But we do have another option. The other option is to go pirate. To take responsibility for things which we were taught cannot be taken responsibility for. This is called radical responsibility.

Radical responsibility is uncommon, because if you stand in radical responsibility there is no one to blame for what happens next except yourself. On the other hand, when there is no one else to blame, who has the power? Being responsibly and consciously at source for what is, and for what happens, can be exquisitely pleasurable.

It is possible to live in a culture that is centered in radical responsibility. This culture is called next culture, the culture that comes after patriarchy. It is archearchy, a culture of initiated adult women creatively collaborating with initiated adult men. You do not get into such a culture without growing up. In modern culture there are no grownups. Not even the United Nations tells the adolescent and psychopathic personalities who have done whatever it takes to climb corporate-political hierarchies, "Stop it! No! That is not okay! No lying, no cheating, no stealing!  Don't even think about touching that! It's not yours! Clean up your room! You are grounded!" Without adults, another species was just exterminated.

We make many moment-to-moment choices. Because we are mostly sleeping, most of our choices are unconscious. One of the most important unconscious choices we make is where we place our attention, because where your attention goes your energy flows. This is why corporations pay billions a year trying to get your attention. If they get your attention they've got your wallet. The embarrassing thing is that advertising costs are more than compensated by our easily-seduced weak-willed attention.

You wonder why you are burned out? You wonder why your relationship is weak? You wonder why you're exhausted? Do you know where your attention is going? Where your energy is flowing?

It is easy to prove that you have the ability to consciously choose where you place your attention. (To do this experiment, stop reading for a second, look at your finger. Look at it until you feel your attention on your finger, then look back here and continue reading.) You can consciously choose where to place your attention, but for the most part we place our attention unconsciously.

You could change your mind about leaving your attention open for others to use. You could go pirate. The kind of pirate I mean is when you break with custom and takeover choosing where and why you place your attention. You can develop your attention muscles until you can walk through a train station and not even once give your attention to the half-naked women splayed across advertising posters. (That photoshopped image, by the way, is not the Goddess...)

After you can consciously place or not place your attention somewhere for as long as you choose, you can start learning to split your attention.

Human beings have the designed-in capacity to split attention. We split our attention unconsciously every day. For example, we ride down the street on our bicycle chewing gum, listening to our  MP3 player, thinking about our plans and checking out the babes all at the same time. Splitting our attention five ways is normal for us, unconsciously. We can also split our attention on purpose.

There are many exercises for strengthening your capacity for consciously splitting your attention. Look at any object, for example, a lamp. Then in your mind, while remembering that it is a lamp, call it by a different name, such as cranberry sauce, frying pan, anaconda, or ski pole. Then look at another object and keep going. You can think up and practice a completely new attention-splitting exercise each day.

Just remembering the idea to practice attention-splitting exercises requires that you keep your attention from getting knocked unconscious by your daily squirrel-cage routine. A warning: Developing your attention-splitting muscles takes you beyond the grip and thoughtlimits of modern culture.

Bringing creation to life involves one more experiment. Split your attention, then place part of your attention on where you are placing your attention. Notice what you are noticing with. See how you are seeing. Watch yourself watching. Become aware of what you are aware of right now. Say to yourself, "What I am aware of right now is..." Do this for awhile and the space will shift. You will find yourself in the waking state. How long can you stay in the waking state? In the time that you are being conscious of what you are conscious of you have brought the bit of creation that you are to life. By bringing a part of creation to life you alleviate the suffering of the Goddess.

She does not let such efforts go uncompensated...


Dear Andrew Gains, Bill McKibben and anyone else reading this blog (which reading is not accidental, by the way...),

Please see Bill McKibben's pull-no-punches article in Rolling Stone here:

...and Andrew Gains request for going further here:

...and now my engagement of this consideration:

Yes, my friends, I, (and perhaps we all), deeply resonate with the idea of shifting wholesale to a good-willed, sustainable, next culture... and...

I want to remind us what Morpheus told Neo in Matrix: There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

I say: Whole systems change starts at home.

I am tired of preaching to the choir.

I am finished with standing around in the choir being preached to.

I will do whatever it takes to awaken the sleeping pirate in each of us - the one with enough daring to uproot our lives wholesale from the suicidal systems of modern culture even when we don't know how. The secret to successful pirating is recognizing that we won't know how until we have already committed ourselves.

I think the universe conserves "know-how." The universe only provides know-how to those who already commit to the next outcome by pulling up their own stakes from the capitalist patriarchal empire and heading out.

I put my water-pistol to your nose and demand to know from you point blank: What can YOU personally do NOW to jump ship and leave the rats behind on the rapidly sinking wreckage of modern civilization?

How will you personally shift to sustainable culture? By when will you do this?

I, for one, with a small group of pirate friends, have closed all debts, ended all insurances, cashed in all investments, ended all rents, stashed our things, and with a backpack and a netbook will head out mid-September 2012 for an indefinite period of time to empower whoever the universe puts in our path with next culture pirate skills. Harbigaar!

I think there are more pirates in action than most of us realize: over one million ecovillages initiatives and projects online as of July 2012! www.ecovillage.org.

Daily I connect with more next culture pirates, and I am glad of it! Something better than civilization is waiting for us. (Daniel Quinn)

One Little Hint: for ongoing inspiration it helps to subscribe to John Robb's Resilient Community blog : http://www.resilientcommunities.com


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

blog021 We Are The Nation Of Avaaz

I feel glad about www.avaaz.org. ("Avaaz" means "voice" in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages.)
Avaaz emerged as a global nation of collaborating activists in 2007 with a simple democratic mission: organize Earthlings to close the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want.

With a population of nearly 14,000,000 (fourteen million!!!) Avaaz has become the 68th largest nation in the world, larger than Cambodia. We are larger than Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Cuba, or Bolivia.

Let this sink in past your mind for a moment.

If you have registered with Avaaz and participated in an action, you are a citizen of Avaaz.

With which structure are you more aligned? Your land-based corporate-controlled mega-government? Or your value-based global communication meshwork of activists?

We will soon be bigger than Ecuador, Mali, or Guatemala.

I want an Avaaz global passport.

What is the purpose of our country of Avaaz? We are a nation of activists enabling responsible conscious actions. The purpose of Avaaz, if I dare say it, is initiation into authentic adulthood, something long ago excluded from modern culture. The cost of putting adolescents in positions of financial, military, religious, and political power now impacts all life forms on planet Earth.

Avaaz empowers people from all walks of life to take action on pressing global, regional and national issues, from corruption and poverty to conflict and climate change. We are helping each other to help each other. Our internet organising allows thousands of individual efforts, however small, to be rapidly combined into a powerful collective force.
[Avaaz is] "a transnational community that is more democratic, and could be more effective, than the United Nations."  -  Suddeutsche Zeitung


Following is a letter I recently sent to Avaaz coordinators. It feels great just to have people to write such a letter to!
Dear Avaaz Team,

(and I stress the "Dear" part...)

Here are 3 questions:

1) It seems imperative that oil extraction from the Ecuadorian Amazon be FOREVER stopped, and oil companies punished and taken out of business for having already raped so much of the jungles and disrupted indigenous tribes and tropical ecologies. What stops Avaaz from maximizing action in Ecuador?

2) How can Avaaz empower people working in mainstream companies and the military and governments to simply quit their jobs, go home, and grow community gardens instead? Let's take the insane systems down. Please. For example, Avaaz can empower women to stop teaching their daughters to be slaves of the capitalistic patriarchal empire.The evolution could literally happen overnight when women say to their husbands: "Quit your job or you will never touch me again..." 

3) When does the Avaaz Global Homeschool for Sustainable Culture start? I want to be part of it.

Thank you so much for creating a global nation which gives the 99% some clout.

Clinton Callahan

Monday, April 9, 2012

blog020 Declaration of Commitment

NOTE: My buddy Brad Blanton just wrote me his commitment. I notice that I am committed to Brad's commitment. I wanted to share that with you. My sharing about this allows you to participate in my experience of being connected with others who have a similar commitment. USOB makes for a fun world.

Request for a Commitment:
The Occupy Movement as an Occupation
"There is a war going on between those who believe that the power of information lies in its capacity to be withheld—that information is power if you can keep it to yourself. This is not how it works really. Information is power if you can share it, validate it, vet it, and contribute it to that global awareness that we are all here in the process of creating."
- John Perry Barlow (italics mine. BB)
Being "in the process of creating" applies to individual personal growth as well as social change. The open sharing of information--undoing secrets and lies--is the fundamental source of both personal and political power. Personal growth and activism are parts of the same movement. We start with personal growth and grow to activism.
Here are a few distinctions that mark a trail from personal growth to the creation of a new social order:
Your mind is not your being.
Your performance is not your identity.
Your being notices.
Your mind thinks.
One of the things your mind thinks is that it notices.
Your mind is wrong about that. Your mind is not capable of noticing.
Your mind makes clang associations between current and past events, makes comparisons and pretends the resulting conclusions are real. Interpretations can be useful, but when presented as reality this is phony information that can cost you your life. Your mind lies to you and others about this all the time. Belief is not perception.
Fundamentalists of all religions attempt to have judgments based on interpretations be more important than experience. Noticing actual experience becomes secondary to maintaining belief. This is a mistake with terribly deadly consequences over the last 5400 years of civilization and is getting worse as we speak. Each minute civilization ages, fundamentalist belief-in-belief mind frames about religion and money threaten human extinction.
Your mind is also incorrect about who you are. Your mind thinks that who you are is the sum total of your performances and how well you have performed. If you buy that, and identify yourself as the sum and judged quality of your performances, your chance for personal happiness is completely ruined, along with hope for human survival.
Your mind was formed in a culture--the Western Alliance Christian Kapitalist Korporate Kleptomaniac Oligarchy (WACKKKO!). Your culture is insane.
You can pause in the chaos of today's modern world, renew and restore your creative focus on your own life and make your presence a gift and example to others. Your capacity to identify yourself as a present tense noticing being can change your delusional reactive life to a creative life--one that helps people instead of depriving and killing people for illusory selfish gain. Being grounded in the present, related to gravity and other people in the simplest way, changes everything. Then, as your friends discover the same wisdom you and they become artists in affiliation with each other. Then we can destroy the dysfunctional systems that support the antiquated ways of identifying ourselves and build institutions that nourish our more grounded compassionate honest identity as beings with minds, rather than minds dominating beings!
Those of us who relate to each other and to others with compassion can win out. We don't need all these cops and soldiers and wars if we are no longer obeying the old bullshit hierarchy of belief. The ongoing open revelation of what is actually so, radical honesty, is how empathy gets stronger in you and in the world at the same time. It is also a possible voluntary choice for life. We invite you to join us. We are building a world wide anti-cult cult!
Give us your name and email address and what city you live in or near and some money. We would like $5 a month or $50 a year or $200 for a lifetime membership. However, your membership fee is whatever you can pay. If you don't have any money then don't pay anything and just sign up and you are a member. If you have a little give a little. If you have a lot, give a lot. Just join and pay what you can. We expect USOB's to be honest!
(If you pay the two hundred you get a nice t-shirt that says: "I DON'T NEED SEX. A GIANT CORPORATION FUCKS ME EVERY DAY!") Let's build our membership until we are the world. We can occupy everything and never give it back!

Join USOB here!

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blog019 Working For A Better World

Window Washer courtesy of www.eurocheapo.com
The alarm woke me up this morning in the middle of a dream. I was in an American suburb, brown wooden houses close packed into rolling hills under a California blue sky, perhaps near San Francisco. It was late morning. No cars passed. I was standing at a T intersection with Marion and Wolfgang K. We had just asked a tall, energetic, short-haired man in his early thirties for directions. After he gave us clear instructions I asked him, What are you doing home at this hour of the day? He answered, All my contracts have been cancelled! The economy is so bad I'm out of work. His anger and frustration came out as a giant sweeping gesture. All I want to is to be out there washing windows! He makes the sound of a rubber squeegy scraping across wet glass.

My mouth starts speaking before I know what I will say. We are Possibilitators. We work for a better world. We are going to do for you right now exactly what we are going to suggest that you start doing for others, which is, to stop working for money and start working for a better world. We are going to provide you with our Possibilitator services for free, right now, for the joy of creatively collaborating with you. We know from experience that when we provide you with our services something interesting will happen. Maybe not instantly, maybe not directly, but by providing you with these services something good will come of it. Together we will have made a little bit of a better world.

Here is our suggestion. Get your gear together now and go out there and do what you came here to do, what you love to do. Get out there and wash windows. Choose some windows to wash, knock on the door, tell them you are washing windows for a better world. Tell them your profession is to create clarity and openness and light for people. Then get washing. Do a good job, always adding something a little extra: tighten a few screws on a loose hinge, pick up some garbage, pull some weeds, something like that. As you pack up to move to the next location leave your card. It says your name, telephone, email, website, and the following words: I work for a better world. If you know anyone else who could use a little clarity and freshness and light please call or write me. I will get right on it. If you have a little extra food, that you would like to give me so I can keep working for a bettter world, I thank you. I love my work. I'll write that down for you.

Now, I continued, do you know someone else who could use some possibility from us? He thinks for a moment then says, Come inside. We step into his garage that he converted to an office because he uses bicycles for transportation for his wife and child. The office is full of clean windows. On a large cork board on the office wall is an irregularly shaped poster cut-out with a dark green border. It is a photo of an undaunted American Indian chief in fine beadworked leather and eagle-feathered headdress, facing a crowd of onlookers. Just in front of him, first in the crowd, stands Lee Lozowick, blue long-sleeve shirt, a full head of silver dreadlocks, serenely connected with and somehow befriended with the Indian chief, who now resembles a combination of Arnaud Desjardins and Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

I point to Lee and exclaim to our window-washer friend, Do you know who that is? Do you know this man? He doesn't seem to know, or at the moment won't say. Next to this photo is a smaller cut-out from the same larger mural, also outlined in green, a closeup of more members of the crowd at the same gathering. Clearly visible in the crowd is Dasya, another student of Lee Lozowick. I look at Marion and Wolfgang mutually acknowledging that by encouraging the window washer to work for a better world instead of for money, something interesting certainly did happen. And then the alarm goes off.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

blog018: Thrive Where You Are

Speaking of creating and navigating evolutionary experiences, it is my opinion that we need Trainers now more now than ever.
(You probably heard me say this before...)

(Yeah, but this time I mean it! )
There is a difference between Educators and Trainers:  
  • Educators provide information in classes to learn methods for doing what is already known.
  • Trainers provide possibilities in trainings to build capacity for creating what is not yet known.
Perhaps you have been functioning as an Educator but your true calling is Trainer?
Here is one way to reclaim your true calling: Possibility Trainer Program.
Serving humanity as a Trainer is not an easy job. (For example, read my article: We Trainers Have Betrayed Our Clients.)
Conscious Evolution Needs Trainers

Hatching Trainers is a challenge. Initializing nonlinear leadership intelligence in a human being requires exposing them to ongoing transformational habitats that provide extremely diverse conditions, as opposed to the crushingly normalizing conditions such as in ordinary school.

If your calling is to serve others as some kind of Trainer, don’t be surprised when the universe provides you with extreme conditions to work in. The universe needs you to unfold into your entire repertoire of capacities to do the jobs that are already on your bench (even the jobs you are pretending are not there…) You need challenges with which to practice.

So even if your circumstances seem extreme, the circumstance are not an excuse for feeling victimized. They are an invitation to practice nonlinear creation. They are an invitation to thrive where you are, and to train others how to do the same.

blog017: Welcome To Archearchy

Not that it matters but Marion and I spent Christmas 2011 exploring the home town of my mother's ancestors: Prague.

Every bakery in Prague offered Vonocka. ("vanotchka")

What is Vonocka? A slightly sweet braided yeast bread often made with split almonds and bits of candied fruit.  

How does Vonocka taste? Mmmm!

During the past four days here at Tempelhof twenty-eight men and women from Europe and the USA co-created what I regard as an astonishing Possibility Lab.

"This was the most amazing Lab of all!" Marion said. But then she added, "I notice I'm saying this after each Lab these days... I wonder what is happening..."  
Definitely something is happening, also for me personally. Two weeks ago I wrote to our circle of friends: I woke up this morning feeling particularly happy. Why? Because, while I was alone at home in Tempelhof doing my annual liver cleanse procedure, Thomas and Anne Schmid were leading Expand The Box over in the Tempelhof training room, Michaela Kaiser and Daniel Nüsser were leading Expand The Box in Bielefeld, and Marion was off to Wertheim with fourteen other women having a Women’s Archearchy Research Weekend.
When I recognized what was happening I danced a little jig around the office. I was celebrating that human thoughtware was being significantly upgraded to radical responsibility in at least three different locations around Germany simultaneously this past weekend and I wasn’t doing any of it!


On Sunday of the PLab, after being with the 27 other participants for four days, it came to me as a four-body experience that there are already enough Possibility Managers on planet Earth creating and sustaining the radically responsible context of an archearchal culture that it is self sustaining. It can now carry itself. Further unfolding of archearchy will occur under its own momentum.

(More about archearchy, the culture that emerges after patriarchy, can be found in the book Directing The Power Of Conscious Feelings, also in German under the title Die Kraft des Bewussten Fühlens.)

Possibility Making at a Possibility Lab

The basis for next culture has grown solid enough that I can get off my personal lone-ranger campaign that I’ve been riding all my life and actually be received into a culture that understands and accepts and respects the stuff I came here to deliver. There is a global team at work (Portugal, Nederlands, Switzerland, China, USA, France). You are probably on that team.

Up to now I had been working through radical reliance on a message from a Chinese restaurant fortune cookie:

Be patient. Your proposals will be remembered.

Thoughtmap for Opening Your Pearl

Now my (im)patience is being replaced by a novel experience: belonging.

I can simply be a person in this archearchal culture, in relationship, doing my work. I no longer have to function as the reality-hacking edgework-revolutionary often regarded in groups as a dangerous problem. 
In response to my Sunday afternoon realization the PLab participants performed an improvised nonverbal ritual of receiving me into archearchy.

The ritual began when I stepped into the center of the room, stretched out both my arms, closed my eyes, and waited. In seconds I was embraced wholly, without reservation, from feet to head, front, back, hands, face. I was warmly welcomed on all sides, and tears long restrained burst out with sobs of relief loud and long from deep within me. Man. It was wonderful. And it went on for a long time. Long enough for me to get it.
<> <> <> <>
A Welcoming To Archearchy


Being welcomed inside of a culture after trekking in the wilderness for decades, sometimes lonely, sometimes lost, sometimes nearly hopeless, was quite close to unbelievable.

I had been on a seemingly endless self-appointed research expedition to formulate the language, distinctions, tools and processes at the core of archearchal culture. I was creating and documenting ways for others to cross bridges to get to sustainable adult culture too. For me to suddenly find that there are already enough people co-creating archearchy on a daily basis in their own lives in different places in the world, enough so that the culture won’t immediately vanish if I died, and to recognize the possibility of dropping my long-practiced survival ways of the outsider personality and to be welcomed in and received as one of the people in archearchy, this is quite an extraordinary and transformative experience. I highly recommend it. I am blown away, and very glad, and relieved, and excited about what comes next, and I thank everyone from the red pill of all four of my bodies for holding and navigating this process for me and for being part of the team. This was definitely one of my most important initiations.

Sunday was also my 60th birthday. Just after the ritual of being received into next culture Marion took me by the hand and led everyone into a transformed dining room, the floor now carpeted with cushions, stirring music coming from a CD player, a table ablaze with 60 tea lights sitting within an infinity symbol created out of 28 cans of American Root Beer soda (which Marion had secretly collected) and five tubs of vanilla ice cream. I hadn't had this in over ten years. And there was enough that I could introduce everyone to personally experience the ambrosia that the gods of Gremlin food have named Root Beer Float!  I think you can believe me when I say this was the best birthday party I ever had in my life.
(The second best birthday was back in college when I was "kidnapped" by my friends and left naked in the middle of the night in a sleeping bag by a lake after being blindfolded and skinny dipping with and being kissed by one or more unknown women... but that's a story for another time.)