Tuesday, March 27, 2012

blog018: Thrive Where You Are

Speaking of creating and navigating evolutionary experiences, it is my opinion that we need Trainers now more now than ever.
(You probably heard me say this before...)

(Yeah, but this time I mean it! )
There is a difference between Educators and Trainers:  
  • Educators provide information in classes to learn methods for doing what is already known.
  • Trainers provide possibilities in trainings to build capacity for creating what is not yet known.
Perhaps you have been functioning as an Educator but your true calling is Trainer?
Here is one way to reclaim your true calling: Possibility Trainer Program.
Serving humanity as a Trainer is not an easy job. (For example, read my article: We Trainers Have Betrayed Our Clients.)
Conscious Evolution Needs Trainers

Hatching Trainers is a challenge. Initializing nonlinear leadership intelligence in a human being requires exposing them to ongoing transformational habitats that provide extremely diverse conditions, as opposed to the crushingly normalizing conditions such as in ordinary school.

If your calling is to serve others as some kind of Trainer, don’t be surprised when the universe provides you with extreme conditions to work in. The universe needs you to unfold into your entire repertoire of capacities to do the jobs that are already on your bench (even the jobs you are pretending are not there…) You need challenges with which to practice.

So even if your circumstances seem extreme, the circumstance are not an excuse for feeling victimized. They are an invitation to practice nonlinear creation. They are an invitation to thrive where you are, and to train others how to do the same.

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