Wednesday, May 29, 2013

blog025 Time to Take Over...

Fairy tales provide value not just because they warn us about the dangers of dragons, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten...

...these days small-brained cold-blooded resource-burning dragons are eating our future and spoiling the Earth.


It is time to take over. 
It is time to come out of hiding and return to action. 
It is your time again. 
We need you turned back on!

All bright knights and dragon hunters are hereby called back into action! 

Witches, wizards, herbal healers, alchemysts, initiators, memetic engineers, shamans - doesn't matter if last time you were burned at the stake during Inquisitions for refusing to give your authority away to the church or state...

Doesn't matter if your parents hammered away at your unique powers forcing you to go to school. 

Grab your sword of clarity!

It's still there, waiting for the familiar grip of your hand. 
This sword can never be taken away from you. 
Put your sword immediately to the throat of any demons thwarting your resurrection.

Look them straight in the eyes and say, "I see you." 

This way you don't have to kill them...
but if they come for you, they kill themselves. 

Sweet, eh?

You can hold out many swords at the same time in multiple directions.

Pull on your boots. Call to your horse and your circle of fellows. Remember the songs that awaken nonlinear group-intelligence and sing them out! You have a team. 
They've been waiting for you to call them back together for ages...

Jack the base of your spine directly into the unlimited resources of your Archetypal Lineage! 
Show others how to do the same. 
We have work to do. 
We have a new future to invent. 


What's the point of having a job and a house and a family if there is no liveable planet to have them on? 

Forget the job - the company is corrupt. 

Forget the illusion of security - it is nonexistent. 

Let's beat these dragons to smithereens by inventing something more interesting... 

Let's implement initiation-centered resilient next-culture communities that make the present system irrelevant.

Each one becomes a seed crystal for archearchy in the global ethnosphere. 

Archearchy is the culture that comes after patriarchy. It emerges from creative collaboration between initiated archetypal adult women with initiated archetypal adult men. 

It's all about the thoughtware you are using. Your thoughtware determines what you think is true, how you behave, the options you choose from for what to think, what you are able to say, how to relate to what is going on around you...

What brand is your thoughtware? How old is it? Find out! Get it upgraded at trainings and through initiations. (see this link for a list of initiations: Video List of Initiations

Your entire life will transform if you can undo the thoughtware that keeps you disconnected from your free-and-natural adult intelligence. 

You think you wife is turned on by you being a good boy? 

There is something VERY wrong if the daily news only makes you shake your head in disgust and disbelief.

Now you can step directly into next culture context and let the old system die from lack of attention. Grant yourself permission to move out of their gameworld into your own. 

How? Easy. You will instantly shift into next culture when you redefine your self-image and taking new actions. 

Ask yourself this question: Am I willing to regard myself as a member of a different culture? 

If your body tenses up with anger or fear your answer is "No." If your body relaxes and gets excited your answer is "Yes," and your self-image is modified.


From that moment on, regardless of what is happening around you, live, speak, perceive, relate, feel from next culture, and refuse to get off it. See what happens.

You don't have to hate the patriarchal empire. 
But you don't have to live there either. Welcome to next culture. 

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows. Be a weed. 

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