Monday, May 20, 2013

blog024 A New Country

Yes. I can say that a country of mutual respect has already been born. 

It began when a small group of men and women created an energetic configuration of commitment to live together ongoingly in an entirely new context, a context of radical responsibility for the evolutionary processes of caring for the well-being of each other and the Earth. 

The country emerged from a new set of distinctions about self and relationship and how the world works and what it is.

The new country definitely exists, already taking up space in the global ethnosphere as a seed crystal, perhaps many times over. 


The new country can be found, that is, if you put your known self at risk and truly search for it, letting your longing lead you. 

The announcement of the birth of this new country is not in the evening news, nor is it represented at the United Nations. But it nonetheless truly exists, and in its center is a space through which pure Bright Principles flow: Love, Initiation, and High Level Fun. 

This new country has a currency without an exchange rate to any other currency. It allows no franchises nor absentee ownership. There is no corporate personhood, no profit where a few win and many lose, no ladder to climb for bigger rewards. In this new country there is no such thing as waste. 

And those people now living in this new contextual space together cherish it more than anything else they heretofore discovered or invented because it has already become a home that demands that they be who they came here to be. 

It is too late to go back after you taste the freedom of radical trust and unrelenting vulnerability in this new land, so be careful if you seek it out...
Of what interest is the illusion of security and retirement when you can play full out together right now? 

And those who went first? What of their status and power? It dissolves in the circle by empowering others to empower others.

Nevertheless you are welcome.
You can make it.

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