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blog039 Gaian Employment Unconference

So often I wake up in the morning, take one look at what is happening in the world, and feel endless pain about betraying the true purpose of why humans emerged on Earth.

Radical responsibility asks: "What shall I do with this hour, this day? Shall I try to squeeze my soul again into a framework that only directs the human death-march further towards the abyss? Shall I surrender my authority again to those whose hearts are numbed and minds are trapped in concepts like 'nationality,' 'financial gain,' 'beliefs,' 'security,' and 'enforcing the laws of empire'?"

But if I say, "No! No more! Not me! Not this day!" what then shall I do? How can I set out on a different path? Where do I go? And with whom? Is anybody out there?

The mainstream charges towards the cliff of doom like frenzied lemmings. Now and then I see an option whiz by in my peripheral vision, but how do I exit the rat race?

It would be revolutionary... but I could... just stop.

I could sit for some days and weeks on the sidelines and notice what is really going on. I could center myself, let it all in and feel it. I could consciously breathe.

I could find some water or stones or trees and sit with them, touch them with my fingers. I could look to see if anyone else notices that the Emperor wears no clothes.

And if I see others out there? What then? All my fears were wasted? Then I am not alone?

And if we come together, face each other and listen, without an agenda, or hold hands in a silent space we become an antenna. Humans together without an agenda are an antenna that immediately tunes in to Gaia.

Gaia is talking to us. She has never stopped talking to us, singing to us, praying to us. Gaia is offering us jobs that resurrect the hope and inspiration of her original vision for humanity on Earth. All we need do to get her download is to come together, for example, at a Gaian Employment Unconference.

Then it becomes instantly clear what projects are already started, who has what skills and resources, and what is needed right now for new projects.

Of course questions arise: Who will pay my rent? But the answers are so obvious. (Move out. Stop paying rent to anybody. This is Gaia. Nobody owns Gaia.)  

Who will pay my insurance? (End the insurance gameworld by leaving the country for an indefinite period of time. Join the Artabana health cooperative  

How will I travel? How will I eat? Ah, yes. We are not yet initiated. We are still hookable by emotions when the mind imagines out into the future and looks for answers out there.

But there are no answers in the future. There are only answers in the now.

Are you hungry? Eat. Are you tired? Sleep. Do you want to go somewhere? Go there. Listen to Gaia and she is already now telling you what to do next. The next step is directly in front of you.

If you want to work for Gaia the job starts now. You are already hired. Just begin. All your talents are needed. Put them to work.

You have always wanted to do this. So begin!

Your courage places you directly into the magnificent flow of Gaian intelligence - the same intelligence that built and evolved all of life on Earth.

Then Gaia herself supplies you with whatever connections, coincidences, and resources are needed to get the job done. It might not be the resources you imagine that you need, but they will be resources enough to finish the job.

Then do the next job.

It is celebration time. It is Gaian Employment Unconference time.

By coming together the journey has already begun.

See you there.


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blog038 What Would You Like On Your Toast?

When Al Gore delivered “An Inconvenient Truth” he showed us the last little bit on the right-hand side of the graph below, the most recent 10,000 years. We were shocked to see how far above normal the carbon-dioxide (CO2) level already is. 

But this is NOTHING compared to how far the methane (CH4) already is above 420,000 years of normal, and increasing faster than ever. In the short term, methane is a 120 times more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2*, collecting far more heat, and when methane breaks down it turns into CO2 anyway. The 400 billion tons of methane clathrates frozen in the Siberian tundra and under the arctic sea are already melting, unstoppably bubbling into Earth's atmosphere. We are far beyond the tipping point.

There is already enough methane in Earth's atmosphere to cause a +16°C global temperature rise, and it is only beginning to come out. We are toast.

* Ref:  

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blog037 Men’s Culture in Archearchy – a three step checklist

(Note: This article has been published in deutsch as Die Fesseln des Patriarchats sprengen: Männer-Kultur in Archearchat at Tattva Viveka:

Every now and then a phrase comes along that stimulates sleeping brain cells you didn’t know you had. 

Photo by Phyllis Goldman

Startled, the neurons wake up and perceive the electrifying impact with uncanny alertness. How soon your brain cells go back to sleep again depends on how ready you are to jump fully-committed into that new-found alertness and ride it like a bucking bronco into a new gamespace for your life.

If you ignore the bronco it soon gallops off into the sunset without you, perhaps never to return. But if you do grab the opportunity this new meme may take you along an awareness-path into entirely new territory, unexplored, and probably dangerous to your heretofore unquestioned assumptions. 

Photo by Clinton Callahan

It is these unquestioned assumptions that rule your life. Questioning them almost always leads to personal and cultural evolution. A particular phrase shocks you exactly because it directly challenges your sacred assumptions.

The particular phrase we’re speaking of is “men’s culture in archearchy.” 

Photo by Marion Callahan

It is possible to avoid the transformational process of wrestling with this phrase by clinging to familiar but gravely outdated thoughtware, thereby evading initiation. If that is your wish, please stop reading here.

The phrase “men’s culture” transports so much new information that investigating it in this brief article could cause you the disservice of thinking you actually understand what it means. I take this risk because I have so often experienced the value of having even a glimpse beyond my own horizon. So if you will take the time to read this article, then I will take the time to write it.

Truly understanding what “men’s culture in archearchy” means could only happen through you personally shifting cultures, leaving behind the capitalist patriarchal empire of your birth and entering next culture, the culture that comes after matriarchy and patriarchy, the culture I have come to call archearchy

Archearchy is the sustainability-conscious culture of archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborating with archetypally initiated adult men. Archearchy is unstoppably emerging around the world through simultaneous personal experimentation of several millions of people beneath the radar of mainstream consciousness. You are probably one of the experimenters. I thank you from my heart for your courageous efforts.

Gaia photo courtesy of NASA

Let’s back off a bit and take it one step at a time.

The term “men’s culture” obviously implies a related term “women’s culture,” but their non-equivalence is obscured because our inquiry here is taking place within the patriarchal context.

In patriarchy, the conditions for men and the conditions for women are diametrically different but equally dishonorable. Whereas women are born as slaves and sex objects, men do not have to grow up. Since the patriarchy does not educate its members that they live in a patriarchy, you have to figure this out yourself by getting to patriarchy’s thought limits and looking over the edge. The edge is where growing-up happens.

To “grow up” means to become more and more responsible. (Responsibility is consciousness in action.Possibility Manager Handbook) Modern patriarchal empire teaches us that taking responsibility is just plain stupid. 

Courtesy of Dr. Glen Barry and

For example, if a child makes a mess, who cleans it up? The answer is, the parents clean it up. (In a patriarchy Mom cleans it up.) Modern culture is making huge messes with no intention at all of ever cleaning them up – ocean acidification, children on brain drugs, fossil-fuel dependent infrastructure, corporate lobbying, burning tropical rain forests, etc. Modern patriarchal empire is centered on child-level responsibility.

Courtesy of Dr. Glen Barry and

In modern culture, being responsible means getting caught, being blamed, punished, found guilty, bearing the burden, and having to pay. Modern culture has developed “corporate personhood” to protect individuals from having to take responsibility for their actions. Modern economy teaches by example that instead of being responsible you should be “smart.” Being “smart” means to lie, cheat, sneak, deceive, and avoid detection while taking as much as you can. “Smart” people make profits by externalizing costs:
-        to the general public (through government subsidies),
-        to less “modernized” cultures (through “trade agreements” and sweat shops), and
-        to future generations (through raping the planet’s precious resources, while bribing corrupt officials to permit dumping toxic and radioactive wastes in other people’s back yards to poison them for 50,000 years).

Our images for “men’s culture” in the capitalist patriarchal empire may include:
·       Very rich older males sitting around in private mansions smoking cigars and drinking brandy from snifters.
·       Less rich males sitting around in bars drinking beers and smoking cigarettes while watching sports, car racing, or rodeo on TV.
·       Males in exotic bars bragging about their cool cars, cool computers, cool girlfriends, and amazing money deals.
·       Males in mafia, drug gangs, the army, or secret three-letter societies feeling cool with their weaponry and proprietary knowledge.
·       Multiple generations of males going hunting, fishing, or shooting together with 4 wheel drive vehicles.
·       Males working in construction or mining jobs taking lunch breaks together.
What are your impressions of what patriarchal “men’s culture” is?

Our reference points for “men’s culture” in the “new age” (for lack of a better term) may look like:
·       Not so old males doing hiking, marathon, kayaking, or ball sports together.
·       Not so old males having parties, getting drunk, stoned, or high on cocaine, having porno nights together.
·       Not so old males looking for their next homosexual partner at men’s gatherings.
·       Not so old males in weekly “Men’s Groups” discussing identity problems, relationship problems, family problems, health problems, and financial problems together.
What are your impressions of what new age “men’s culture” is?

Here we PAUSE, for a moment, to consider a relevant question… What if all of our reference points for what “men’s culture” is no longer apply in the culture that comes after patriarchy?

What if acting as if we understand men’s culture is part of the problem? 

Photo by Marion Callahan

What if men’s culture in archearchy is so different from what we know that the best we can do as men is come together and begin each meeting by grieving the crimes and horrors of 6000 years of patriarchal men’s culture? Crimes and horrors done to women, children, animals, and the Earth, that to a large and damaging degree still continue today?

What if we start by acknowledging that we are the sons of patriarchs, with only patriarchs as role models? What if we admit that we are so trapped in our thinking and perceiving that any time we come together we cannot help but unconsciously invoke capitalist patriarchal empire culture?

Photo by Clinton Callahan

It is a wakeup call to recognize that each of us remains imprisoned in the patriarchy until we have undergone a personal and formidable process for getting out of it.

This could be considered Item # 1 on your checklist for establishing archearchal men’s culture: set the times and establish an effective training program to help each other thoroughly and completely escape from the capitalist patriarchal empire. (HINT: Your procedure will need to involve each man consciously experiencing and expressing feelings of fear, anger, sadness and joy at the 100% maximum archetypal intensity level, otherwise you are merely thinking. And you can’t think your way out of the patriarchy. You need to get out.)

 Photo by Clinton Callahan
Photo by Clinton Callahan
Escaping from the patriarchy is rough. First comes the fear of betraying all the males you will leave behind. Second comes the fear of stepping off the edge of the world and falling into the abyss. Third comes our patriarchal habits of being single-fighters, lone-wolves, free-lancers, easy riders, entrepreneurs – heroes in our own mind. We have learned to trust no one.

Perhaps we were taught to be single fighters exactly because we cannot escape the patriarchy on our own. Then we are trapped because the single fighter strategy fails. Getting out of the patriarchy depends on the bonding, creative-collaboration, and coaching of other men.

Photo by Marion Callahan

If you do accomplish Item #1 and escape from the patriarchy, you will be starting at ground zero, like being born again but into a radically different culture than that lived by your parents. 

You will at first not know who you are. You will be learning all over again how to become a human being. Developing your personality and gaining new reference frames won’t take as long as the first time, but the process will be equally ruthless on you. You need to figure out how to thrive in a new gameworld, very different from capitalistic patriarchal empire. 

You can do it.

To extract yourself from the patriarchy it helps to know how you got in it. A male born in modern culture must quickly make a life-shaping choice. Either you join the patriarchy and “live,” or you reject the patriarchy and die. (Doctors call it “sudden infant death syndrome”.) 

Joining is the obvious choice, with all the benefits of any gang: identity, camaraderie, security, power in numbers, defined enemies, and a mission. But when you join the patriarchy you make the ultimate sacrifice. You can never be yourself. Your uniqueness is counterproductive in the patriarchy and must be suppressed, lest you betray the patriarchy, including your father, his brothers, your father’s father and his brothers, and all the generations of men before you, sacrificing themselves for the benefit of the patriarchy. To extinguish your uniqueness you cut out a piece of your soul.

Fortunately the rejected part of your energetic body does not go anywhere. It floats in your general vicinity, wherever you are, waiting for this very conversation. Learning that the cut-part of your soul did not die may be one of the most painfully joyful insights of your life. It did not go away. It did not abandon you. All this time it has been by your side waiting for the moment you realize it can be reclaimed.

This could be considered Item # 2 on your checklist for entering archearchal men’s culture: reclaim banished parts of your soul and integrate them back into your energetic body so you can start off whole again. (See below for instructions for this process.)

By extracting yourself from the patriarchy and helping other men do the same, Item #1, and by locating and re-integrating the missing parts of your energetic body, Item #2, you have already begun your path of ongoing adulthood initiations into archearchy. 

Photo by Clinton Callahan

There is a short film made by Ian Mackenzie about Stephen Jenkinson, a next-culture elder, sometimes called Griefwalker (, in which Stephen says, “Human beings are not born. Human beings are made. Human beings are made by other human beings. And if you ask, ‘How do you make humans?’ the answer is, ‘Well, you’ve got to kill off their childhood.’ ‘Because why?’ ‘Because the childhood doesn’t give way, that’s why.And then you need a culture that proceeds as if the greatest gift you can give kids at a certain age is the chance to be human.”

I am glad I did not have to be quoted as saying that. Yet I know it is true. I’ve experienced it in myself, killing off my childhood, putting it where it belongs, in my past when I was in the chrysalis. My childhood was useful, and important, but it no longer sits in the driver’s seat of my life.

Photo by Gary Stamper, Yucatan 2015

Over the past 40 years I have helped many grateful others recognize and tread the narrow paths towards adulthood. But I cannot help observe the uninitiated, the vast majority still worshipping irresponsibility, giving their precious authority away, thinking they are not accountable for the consequences of their inactions. This is particularly disgusting to see in men, because the patriarchy enthrones us for indulging in our immaturity. And we acquiesce without resistance to this manipulated deception.

Next culture does not enthrone your immaturity – it builds no thrones. People organize in circles instead of pyramids. If you are uninitiated (or are incapable of initiation due to being psychopathic – as exemplified by being able to do whatever it takes to climb the hierarchy) you aren’t given a position of power in next culture: not teacher, not police-officer, not manager, not administrator, not mayor, not soldier, not doctor, not priest, and not politician… think how much suffering that would avoid.

This is why Item # 3 on your checklist for establishing archearchal men’s culture is to upgrade your thoughtware so you are able to distinguish between a person and their Box by learning Box Technology (pages 55-59 in Conscious Feelings), and also to distinguish your own Shadow Principles and calling each person’s Gremlin by name (pages 68-86 Conscious Feelings). 

Courtesy of

For extra credit, your men’s culture could include the Theory of Parasitic Entities. This theory states that everything is food for everything else, and when people are not attentive they become food for parasitic entities. Perhaps you have noticed this: ordinary intelligent people becoming suddenly absent and entering a depressed or confused mood for seemingly no reason. Then after a few hours or days – when the entity has finished gorging itself – the mood ends, also seemingly without cause. Your men’s culture can train each other to become trigger hunters, identifying the inner trigger sentences that call in the entity to feed, thereby gaining the option of choosing not to feed it. For more information about parasitic entities please write to Sonia Willaredt ( and ask her to email you SPARK 135.

(S.P.A.R.K. by the way, stands for Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge. SPARKs are high-quality energetic food for your men’s culture. You can subscribe to them for free at this link: Then every 3 weeks you’ll receive by email a powerful distinction, accompanied by notes that unfold its practical application in daily life, as well as nonlinear experiments to try. Doing such experiments builds more matrix into your energetic body. Building more matrix means automatically catching more consciousness. Then your men’s culture evolves.)

In rapidly evolving circumstances, the ways of the past cannot be the ways of the present. That is why in archearchy there is no knowing around which men’s culture can gather. Instead men gather around the void, the nothingness, the not knowing, and keep practicing how to hold and navigate that space of emptiness, and how to make use of it to create relationships and nonlinear possibilities. 

From Possibility Lab, photo by Clinton Callahan

Meetings in a circle are not leaderless. This is a misconception. In circular organizing individuals rotate holding one of the various roles, for example Spaceholder, Time keeper, Chaos Generator, Bullshit Detector, Heart Connection Detector, and the teams of people trained to navigate rapid shift processes when personal liquid states arise during the meeting in response to whatever issue is being discussed. This new meeting technology is the Phoenix Process, where three valuables are simultaneously delivered:

1.     Covering agenda points and making decisions,
2.     Personal development processes when conflicts or breakdowns occur, and
3.     High level fun entertainment.

If men’s culture can come together then women’s culture automatically comes together because the space is held. If the men’s and women’s cultures can get themselves together, then the children’s culture thrives. What you then have is a village with an ever-evolving new future.

Photo courtesy of (C)

A proper functioning archearchal men’s culture builds personal and community-wide capabilities through holding ongoing adulthood initiatory processes at the center of village culture. Then your young people step into a dynamic framework for their lives by finding the path of evolution early on. This is where archearchy shines.

It is often recognized (although not in modern public schools…) that each individual person has gifts, unique capabilities that are needed by the village. But just as a sail is useless unless it is hoisted, these unique gifts can’t be applied until they are unfurled to catch the prevailing winds of consciousness and can provide their directed energy. (Each child dying of starvation anywhere in the world right now also has gifts that are lost...)

Archearchal Men’s culture is a powerful catalyst for unfurling and applying beneficial gifts. Each man’s feedback and coaching provides intelligence and energy that assists each of the other men to distinguish, connect with, and serve their archetypal lineage. (This is where in archearchy the men’s and women’s culture have the same objective – calling through the Being of each person, and working collaboratively as representatives of their individual archetypal lineages.) Quite some preparations are required to be capable of serving your archetypal lineage, just as preparations are needed to deliver surgeries, to perform in a philharmonic orchestra, or to grow a productive vegetable garden. 

Photo by Marion Callahan

Your archetypal lineage will appear in your life as a project to do, as jobs on your bench, requiring your every resource to accomplish. Delivering full value as your archetypal lineage in action feels like ongoing ecstasy of life-purpose fulfillment. 

Archetypal lineage talisman, photo by Clinton Callahan

Getting into that flow depends on exchanging mutual help with your archearchal culture of fellow men on the evolutionary path. For more about archetypal lineage, please write to Sonia Willaredt and ask her to send you SPARK 141.
Courtesy of Dr. Glen Barry and

If in this article you sense a caustic bitter mood sending wisps of grey smoke curling up between the lines, you sensed it right. I feel angry about how pathetic the efforts of men trapped in the patriarchy are towards getting out. How hopelessly, stupidly, and easily men have been lured into self-congratulatory apathy, like children kidnapped with lollipops. It is a disgraceful response, in my opinion, to the honor and opportunity of having been given a life with Gaia. Each person has so much individual potential and so much of it is lost, ridiculed and wasted in the patriarchy. I may be cynical, but at the same time I am begging you to prove me wrong. 

Courtesy of Dr. Glen Barry and
Try this: 
1. Extract yourself from the patriarchy.
2. Reintegrate the banished parts of your energetic body.
3. Upgrade your thoughtware to archearchal adulthood standards.

Without accomplishing these 3 things in reality – not just in your mind – you are fooling yourself about shifting to archearchy.

Even after reading this article I don’t think you'll do anything about it. 

If you have the balls, prove me wrong... and have a glorious time doing it.


First, your group should study the Old and New Map of Feelings in the book Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings by Clinton Callahan, pages 65 to 167. This will require fully participating in a weekly study group for several months, and involves actually shifting to using the New Thoughtmap of Feelings in your daily life.

Then, when a man is ready for the initiation of reclaiming the parts of his energetic body that were banished when he joined the patriarchy, reserve an entire evening for the procedure. 

Choose one man to be the Process Navigator. The rest of the men are on the e-body retrieval and integration team. 

(NOTE: This process has two separate parts. Both parts need to be accomplished elegantly and powerfully. The Process Navigator should read through these instructions carefully before the process begins so he knows how it goes. Read the words in italics out loud. These are the instructions for the client to follow. These exact words cause the shifts to occur, so try to speak them exactly.) 

A candle should be lit at the side of the room. Dim the lights half way. Ask the man to lie on his back on the mattress in the middle of the floor surrounded by the other men sitting and holding space for this process. Tissues should be available, and a plastic bucket in case the man needs to vomit, plus a blanket for later.


·       (Speak to the man's body, not to his mind.) Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Relax. 
·       Remember back in your life to the moment you decided to join the patriarchy. It could have been just before your birth, during your birth, or soon after your birth. Find that moment. (PAUSE) Signal me with your hand when you find that moment. (PAUSE – if they do not find the moment, you stop the process here, and try again at a later date.)

·       What was happening then? (PAUSE) What did you decide in that moment? (PAUSE) What did you send away to disempower your uniqueness? (PAUSE)

·       Keep your eyes closed. Locate the missing part of your energetic body. It is floating around you somewhere. Point to it with your finger. What color is it? (PAUSE) What shape is it? (PAUSE) Gently reach out and cradle the part with both hands. (PAUSE)

·       Say to that part, “Hello soul.” (PAUSE) What does it say? (PAUSE – if they do not sense the soul’s response, try again. If there is nothing, you stop here.)

·       Say to that part, “Long ago I had to remove my individuality and disempower myself so I could join the patriarchy and find a way to survive, so I sent you away.” (PAUSE)

·       Say to that part, “Thank you for waiting for me.” (PAUSE) What does it say?

·       Use both hands to find the hole in your energetic body where that part used to be. Show us the size and shape of the hole. (PAUSE – the hole can be anywhere from 20 cm to 80 cm big. If they don’t show you, you stop here.)

·       Say to that part, “I filled in this hole where you were with something to protect myself because you weren’t there.” (PAUSE)

·       Ice, stainless steel, tar, cement, revenge, or hopelessness are often used to fill the hole for protection. What did you fill your hole with? (PAUSE – if they do not tell you clearly and specifically, you stop here.)

·       Before you can bring your soul back, you need to empty the hole. It will be hard work. It will be loud and painful. And it takes time. It will hurt like ripping your guts out. You do it over and over again, layer after layer, until every corner of the hole is empty. Each time you rip a chunk of it out, click your fingers to make a black hole in the floor, throw the chunk in, and click your fingers again to vanish the black hole. Do you understand and agree? (PAUSE – if they do not say “Yes” you stop here.)

·       Everybody ready? (Glance around the room to connect with your team of men.) Everybody please take a deep breath. (PAUSE)

·       Okay _________ (say the man’s name), we are with you. Please begin! (As soon as the man starts screaming and digging out pieces of stuff, encourage the other men to shout along with him, “Go! Keep going! Dig out the next piece! Throw it in the black hole! Get the next piece!” And so on. This purification can take up to 15 minutes. Towards the end, sit silently a moment to notice any further remnants in the hole. Usually it takes two or three more digging times than the man thinks.)

·       (When the hole is fully cleaned out…) Everybody please take a deep breath. (PAUSE)

·       (Say the man’s name…) _________, reach out with both hands and gently hold the missing piece of your soul. Tell it, “I have cleaned out the place where you belong.” (PAUSE) “Please come back home.” (PAUSE – the man may cry now, and this is totally appropriate. Do not stop him! He is fine! The man should ever-so-slowly bring the piece back into its place. When his hands are on his own body you may need to press your hands on top of his hands to finish pressing the part all the way into place.) Press it in. Welcome it back. (PAUSE)

·       On your right side is a jar of energetic healing cream. What color is the cream? (PAUSE – he will answer “Pink” or “Green”. Whatever he says, continue.) Open the jar and spread handfuls of this healing cream over the edges so the soul joins back together onto one whole again. (PAUSE)


·       You are now going to integrate your renewed energetic body with your 7 chakras.

·       (SET-UP LOGISTICS: Instruct 2 men to move to the client’s feet and press both their hands on one of his feet. Instruct 2 other men to move to the client’s head and each press one hand on the crown of his head (not his forehead) and one hand on one of his shoulders. Tell all these men they will need to push fiercely.)

·       Do you know where your 7 chakras are? (Almost everyone knows approximately. It need not be perfect. You can correct him as you go along.)

·       The process goes like this: you touch one finger to your first chakra – which is down between your legs. Then you let go, move your hand away, and integrate your soul with that chakra. It is like spot welding. You can’t do this with your mind. It is energetic. Your body knows how to do this. Your body will integrate through shouts, screams, and seizure spasms. It may feel like you are going crazy. That is exactly how it feels. It takes only 10 or 15 seconds of full writhing and screaming with each chakra. Then stop. Then touch the next chakra with one finger, let it go, and integrate. All seven, one after the other, without rushing. Are you ready? (pause – this is no time for discussion. The procedure is extremely simple to do. Just get him started and his body will continue. Keep coaching the head and feet men to push with all their might. The pressure is important.)

·       Point to your seventh chakra, which is at the crown of your head. (Instruct the head men to take their hands off the client’s head and put both hands on a shoulder.) Get ready. This is the big one. It integrates all 7 chakras into one flow. Ready? Touch your seventh chakra. Now INTEGRATE! Go! Go!

·       (After the man comes to a full natural stop, keep the room still and silent for some minutes. Then say:) That was it. (PAUSE) You did it. (PAUSE) Please keep your eyes closed. We ask you to lie still for 20 to 30 minutes to let your four bodies continue integrating what you just accomplished.

·       Here is a blanket to stay warm. (Offer to cover him with it, being sure to tuck the blanket under his feet.)

·       Do you want a glass of water? (If yes, one man brings water. Wait until he finishes drinking.)

·       We are going to slide you over to the side of the room. Just lay still. (All the men help slide the mattress over.)

·       We will be sharing about what came up for us during your work, and making plans for who is next. Do you need anything else right now? (PAUSE) Please signal us if you need anything. Well done.